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We understand that AI is an integral part of our future including employees, managers, teams, and the entire business. So we built a training program designed to help business train their employees to improve overall efficiency and productivity." to "We understand that AI is an integral part of our future including employees, managers, entrepreneurs, students, and academic faculty. At trAInify, we built a variety of training programs and micro-credential courses designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness through the use of AI tools.

Meet our Team

Adam Balwant

Adam has a BBA from University of Toronto and a Master’s in Management Information Systems from The London School of Economics. He is a leading expert in the field of AI. In addition to being an AI consultant, Adam is also a College Professor of Entrepreneurship & Digital Innovation and a serial entrepreneur with his latest venture being the CEO and Co-Founder of Toronto-based edtech start-up Leap.

From the early days of ChatGPT, Adam has been leading workshops and presentations across North America in the education space. He has recently formed trAInify alongside Arman to bring his expertise to training employees in the corporate environment.

Arman John Esma

Arman John Esma is a successful entrepreneur and results-oriented manager with 9 years of experience in Global Customer Service Operations. With a strong focus on training and development, Arman is dedicated to helping small to medium-sized businesses optimize their customer interactions through ChatGPT Training Solutions.

Arman's entrepreneurial background and expertise in the tech industry have equipped him with valuable insights. As the Head of Operations at Pixels and Web, he built the organization from scratch, expanding its services to include social media management, virtual assistant services, and business process outsourcing. Arman's strategic approach and commitment to training have been instrumental in driving performance and fostering client satisfaction. With in-depth knowledge of OpenAI's ChatGPT, he offers tailored training programs to help businesses maximize the benefits of AI-powered communication, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer experiences and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-driven communication.

Ryan Yulin Ryan

Ryan is a Human Resources and Training guru, receiving his MSc and hBSC from the University of Toronto. With over 7 years of experience in a plethora of companies ranging from edtech to social media and from forestry to medical research, he currently serves as the Director of Operations at The Leap Corporation alongside Neuroscience Specialist at the University of Toronto.

Committed to optimising workflow with the maximum efficiency in a variety of establishments, Ryan is certainly no stranger to artificial intelligence. Ryan trained dozens of teams on how to use AI such as ChatGPT to prepare workers for a rapidly evolving world, and is ready to help your team thrive in the modern age!

Meet our Advisory Board

Keith Hampson

Keith has knowledge and experience working in higher education for over a decade. With a doctorate from the University of Queensland, Keith has formerly worked as a Professor and now works in strategy consulting and industry analysis for institutions and organizations competing in online higher education.

As Director, Digital Education Strategies at Ryerson University, Keith led a team that grew enrolment by 500% and won six national awards for excellence in digital higher education.

Dante Richardson

Dante Richardson also known as #techkanye is a Stanford University award-winning Startup Entrepreneur, born and raised in Buffalo, New York. Dante Richardson is a creator, serial entrepreneur, venture developer, business executive, and Criminal Justice Reform advocate.

Dante Richardson specializes in developing and leading companies as a strategist who focuses on revenue generation, technology commercialization, product innovation, growth strategy, and community development, within the creative industries, technology sector, and social justice space. Dante Richardson has been highlighted in the GovTech, Buffalo News, Buffalo Business First, Buffalo Inno, Yahoo News, AfroTech, Ritz Herald, Digital Journal, Entertainment Post, and more.

Joseph Orgel

Joseph is a transformational and visionary leader, possessing expertise as a multi-disciplinary scientist, innovator, tenured Professor, and business consultant in industrial R&D and business administration. A Renaissance polymath and T-shaped expert, with a diverse range of skills and knowledge. An extensive body of work, research, and peer-reviewed publications. Highly skilled in both education and leadership, with a particular focus on mentorship and personal/professional development.

Known for being an effective advocate for students, faculty, staff, clients, and customers, having served in various roles in business and academic strategic planning, program development, government organizations, strategic initiatives, administration, and personnel/student success programs.

AI for College & University Students

Explore the fascinating world of AI through this bootcamp designed for aspiring students.


AI for Academic Institutions

Artificial Intelligence for Academic Institutions is a program for educators to be trained in the effective implementation of AI in the classroom.

AI for Business Professionals

AI online program for learners seeking the competitive edge in emerging business technology.