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Artificial Intelligence for Business

Artificial Intelligence for Business is an online program for learners seeking the competitive edge in emerging business technology. Technology-oriented professionals, entrepreneurs, online marketers, automation innovators and data professionals will benefit from this 6-week program.

Course Description:

The "AI for Business, Entrepreneurship, and Career Development" program is an immersive learning experience crafted for professionals eager to elevate workplace productivity and efficiency through the strategic application of artificial intelligence (AI). This course transcends the conventional boundaries of technical training, offering a practical, user-friendly approach to adopting AI technologies in various professional contexts. Without delving into the complexities of AI development, the curriculum focuses on empowering participants with the knowledge to implement AI solutions effectively within their operations.

Participants will explore how AI can be harnessed to streamline business processes, enhance decision-making, and foster an environment of innovation and growth. The course highlights the importance of AI in driving operational efficiencies, improving service delivery, and creating value in a competitive market. Through real-world examples, case studies, and practical exercises, students will discover the transformative potential of AI across various business functions, from marketing and customer engagement to product development and supply chain management.

Moreover, the program addresses the critical role of AI in shaping the future of work, preparing professionals to adapt to and thrive in an increasingly AI-enhanced job landscape. By focusing on the development of future-ready skills, the course aims to equip participants with the competencies needed to lead in an AI-driven world, fostering career development and long-term professional growth.

Program Details

Start Dates:



16 hours


Self Paced

Program Format:

100% Online

Program Tuition:



$30 per employee

Why Study Artificial Intelligence in Business?

  • 71% of organizations and leaders perceive AI and Machine Learning are “game-changers”
  • 78% of brands have already or are planning to implement AI by 2020
  • Growth of the global AI market is forecast to grow to $118.6 billion by 2025

Artificial Intelligence for Business Modules

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of AI and its relevance in various domains.

  • Evaluate the impact of AI on industries and identify potential opportunities.

  • Identify practical AI applications in different business areas.

  • Assess the benefits and limitations of AI technologies in business contexts.

  • Recognize the role of AI in driving entrepreneurial success.

  • Identify AI-driven business opportunities and develop strategies for startups.

  • Explore user-friendly AI tools and platforms suitable for non-technical users.

  • Understand the basics of data analysis and interpretation in AI contexts.

  • Utilize AI techniques for data-driven decision making and predictive analytics.

  • Apply data analysis skills to extract insights from AI-generated data.

  • Assess the impact of AI on careers and the job market.

  • Identify essential skills for thriving in an AI-driven workplace.

  • Develop strategies for personal career development in the AI era.

  • Understand the role of AI in shaping business strategy and innovation.

  • Identify opportunities for integrating AI into business processes and decisions.

  • Analyze challenges and best practices for AI adoption and change management.

Instructor Bios

Adam Balwant

Adam has a BBA from University of Toronto and a Master’s in Management Information Systems from The London School of Economics. He is a leading expert in the field of AI. In addition to being an AI consultant, Adam is also a College Professor of Entrepreneurship & Digital Innovation and a serial entrepreneur with his latest venture being the CEO and Co-Founder of Toronto-based edtech start-up Leap.

Ryan Yulin Ryan

Ryan is a Human Resources and Training guru, receiving his MSc and hBSC from the University of Toronto. With over 7 years of experience in a plethora of companies ranging from edtech to social media and from forestry to medical research, he currently serves as the Director of Operations at The Leap Corporation alongside Neuroscience Specialist at the University of Toronto.

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